Medicare Advantage Plans – Can They Be Compared?

Is Medicare Advantage Plans 2020 really better than the other types of plans? Why would anyone choose one over the other?

First of all, what is the difference between a traditional and an “An Advantage” plan? What the differences are. That is, what can one do that the other cannot?

Health care coverage is a major benefit for seniors. The major plan options available to seniors do not have coverage for services like home health care, skilled nursing care, in-home care or hospice care.

Seniors on traditional plans often have to go to an in-home care agency or to a nursing home. They also may have to stay in a hospital longer than they would if they were not insured.

Seniors on the new “Advantage” plans, however, usually have a wider variety of choices when it comes to what they can get. They can choose between private pay options, public pay options, as well as managed care options.

Each type of plan has different benefits that may not be obvious at first. Even within a single type of plan, there are different types of options.

For example, a managed care option is based on the age of the senior. The idea behind this is that the services provided by the health care provider will be the same for each person as opposed to the “A” plans, which are usually on the older side.

Also, the level term is typically longer with the “A” plans. This allows the health care provider to charge the same amount each month for the senior, regardless of their age or medical history.

Since the senior chooses his or her own health care provider, the service quality and the care delivered to them will vary. A certified nursing assistant can’t be used as a measure for quality, however.

Services that may not be covered by the Medicare plan provider include those provided by dentists, doctors, and even chiropractors. Each provider of these services has different sets of standards that they must meet before they are considered “acceptable.”

With each “A” plan there is a list of doctors that a senior chooses to see and health care providers that they choose to use. While it may be true that seniors will pay more per visit for these services, some health care providers to offer the same levels of service and charge lower rates.

How important is the cost of the plan, anyway? Yes, some of the “A” plans are more expensive than others, but many people prefer them for various reasons.